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Closing ceremony of CIPREA in Cordoba

Isabel García Sanz during her speech at the closing ceremony. Author: Laura Martín-RFESS

García Sanz states that drowning prevention “is an intangible task in most cases”

The CIPREA, which brought together experts from more than thirty countries, closed in Cordoba

The Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation President, Isabel García Sanz, has stated that “prevention is an intangible task in most cases” and that the federation will continue tirelessly to carry out this work, which is to “prevent drowning, save human lives, prevent, in short, suffering and death in cases which are avoidable”.

García Sanz made this statement at the closing ceremony of the International Congress on Drowning Prevention (CIPREA), held this Sunday in Cordoba, which she said has been the “most visible” of the three held so far.

The CIPREA brought together more than four hundred people over three days, including experts from 31 countries to discuss drowning prevention.

For the federation’s leader, it is now time to move forward with “the enriching work” and “prolong through the development of opportunities” the “knowledge and the use of the synergies that have been generated”.

She also thanked Cordoba for the “extraordinary welcome” given to this international drowning prevention event.

This CIPREA has been the edition with the greatest projection of the three editions of this conference“, stressed the Federation president, who highlighted the fact that it was held in unique circumstances, as it was the only event of its kind to take place in the world in a period of five years”.

In her opinion, “there will never be a CIPREA like Cordoba 2021, which has undoubtedly left its mark on us“.

He also thanked the company Salvasur for its collaboration in the Congress and the incorporation into the organisation of people with disabilities who form part of the PRODE Foundation.

The Sunday session was attended by David del Valle, from the Red Cross, who valued the data accuracy of new information technologies, industry 4.0 and Lean management, which are essential for drowning reduction in natural aquatic areas, while Giorgio Quintavalle, Lifeguard Section President of the Italian Swimming Federation, explained the lifesaving Italian model.

The organisation of the CIPREA awarded María Hortensia Espitaleta for a communication on the characterisation of drowning deaths of minors in Colombia in the last decade and Manuel Jesús Calleja for a poster on proposals for good practices for the safe development of windsurfing and kitesurfing. 2021/10/17