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“A Sea of Commitment”, the photographic exhibition that projects the lifesaving sporting essence

The exhibition, which opens on Thursday at the Palacio de Orive, also displays objects from the federation history, which celebrates its 60th anniversary.

“A Sea of Commitment” is the title of the exhibition which brings together, through almost forty photographs, the lifesaving sporting essence and which opens next Thursday at the Palacio de Orive, in Cordoba.

The exhibition, which forms part of the events surrounding the 3rd International Congress on Drowning Prevention (CIPREA), also includes a series of objects from the sixty years of history of the Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation, which will be commemorated throughout 2021, in an initiative by the federation with the collaboration of Cordoba City Council and the support of the Cajasur Foundation.

The photographic story, under the direction of the exhibition curator, Laura Martín Sánchez, shows different facets of lifesaving, both from a technical and human point of view, and emphasises the values that inspire this sport, the origin of which lies in the desire to save lives.

The president of the Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation, Isabel García Sanz, writes in the introduction to the exhibition that “lifesaving is a sport that arose from a solidarity activity, rescuing shipwrecked people, in which its protagonists created tests to train the practices to which they were dedicated“.

The curator explains that “for this exhibition we have worked on thousands of images of dozens of competitions contained in the rich archive of the federation”, especially on the basis of its main photographer, Javier Sánchez ‘Javito’, although there are also photographs by Laura Martín herself and Rosana Fuset.

Among the items included will be various trophies won by Spain throughout the history of the sport, pennants, the oldest from 1960, before the creation of the Federation, photographs, documents and medals. 2021/10/11